Why you must advertise with Google

Every businessman wants to grow one’s business. Starting a business is not so hard today. You can start an online store or blog by purchasing domain and hosting easily. But the real challenge is to grow and sustain that business. It is true that starting a business does not cost much. It would hardly cost you $10 if you opt for cheap alternatives out there. But running a business and growing it could cost you much more than $10.

Why a business needs advertising

Suppose you own a cake shop but no one knows about it. Every once in a while a passerby sees your shop, enters and buys something. But there are hardly any customers. But what if people who are living in vicinity learn about your cake shop? They would start to send you birthday and party orders. Wouldn’t that be amazing? The process of making people aware of your brand is called brand awareness or simply advertising. You have to invest some in advertisements so people would know you are there.

Online business is not too different

Same goes for any online business. You want to grow you have to invest in advertising. Google is currently the biggest search engine. There are billions of people using it every day which makes it the best choice for advertising. If you are Advertising with google[ลง โฆษณา google, which is the term in Thai], you are placing your brand in the front of millions of people at once.

One more bonus

You will get one extra advantage when you advertise with Google. Google has its own network of different websites called Google display network. Your ads will be displayed on those websites as well. This will give you extra exposure.

You can create brand awareness using Google and let millions of people know that you are there. Start with Google today if you really want to make it big.

John Peterson

Amanda Peterson: Amanda is an economist turned blogger who provides readers with an in-depth look at macroeconomic trends and their impact on businesses.