Why Is A Rural Entrepreneur?

Exactly what is a Rural Entrepreneur?

Lately I requested buddies from across the nation what word(s) best described somebody that was a business owner. Some were entrepreneurs themselves yet others weren’t. I targeted individuals with rural backgrounds or connections to rural areas to find out if there can be any variations in the normal buzz words connected with entrepreneurs. It had been a fascinating mixture of words and contained newer and more effective ones I might possibly not have connected by having an entrepreneur. Here are a few ideas on each one of the words and how they tie into becoming an entrepreneur.

1. Risk-taker – Entrepreneurs will always be prepared to take that step from the high cliff to attain their dreams. They’ll look at the angles to safeguard themselves as well as they are able to, but ultimately they’ll go ahead and take leap. This is also true in rural areas as you’ve distance, population and connectivity to beat.

2. Innovative – Not everybody will invent the following Apple, however in every way entrepreneurs are innovative in thinking and way of thinking and never held back by “it cannot be achieved” thinking.

3. Independent – Entrepreneurs like making the choices, getting versatility and setting the guidelines.

4. Ingenious – Entrepreneurs are just like my Father – provide him some baling wire and that he could fix anything around the ranch. Today it may be more carefully connected with using duct tape, however, you see what i mean. Entrepreneurs discover a way along with a solution for what they desire.

5. Creative – Not always a painter, music performer or actor, but more within the arena of “creatively” thinkers, entrepreneurs also have an image within their minds.

6. Free-thinker – Based on Wikipedia – “an individual who forms opinions based on reason, separate from authority or tradition,… ” yep that’s a business owner.

7. Ambassador – That one was quite different, but ambassadors do come out which help others and function messengers of this big unknown realm of entrepreneurship.

8. Achiever – A few of the synonyms for achiever is high-flier, go-getter, doer and self-starter. All are members of an entrepreneur’s makeup.

9. Leader – Is that this a real trait of the entrepreneur? Many are great leaders but other medication is not. Some leaders aren’t great entrepreneurs either. This may be a great “chicken or egg” debate.

John Peterson

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