The Advantages of using a Flexible Benefits Platform

A Flexible Benefits Platform allows a business to make sure it keeps the very best employees on board. Often, it is difficult to gauge what each employee wants or needs; so, a tailored system of benefits that are flexible and moveable is required.

Without a decent flexible benefits package, the very best talent may well look elsewhere. A Flexible Benefits Platform allows you to make use of a stylish and intuitive platform that will definitely make your business stand out from others.

At Fair Care Employee Benefits there are three platforms to choose from – each designed to maximise the level of benefits you can offer employees.

The Flex Genius platform is designed in such a way it presents itself in a truly succinct fashion. The processes are highly intuitive, it delivers high quality benefits and meets the demands of even the most exacting employees.

When you think about benefits, you need to consider the individual. Not every employee would benefit from an annual subscription to the gym, for example. Some employees would not benefit from theatre tokens or passes to the go karting track every Sunday.

Benefits have to be relevant to the employee and Flex Genius has a platform that can adjust and amend the perks you give to the individuals within the business. This platform also has a brilliant communications portal. Integrated announcements, news reels, video and regular presentations of the highest quality will show that your business is the best place to work at.

The Flex Genius platform has concentrated its benefits package on a number of topics that employees would be generally interested in:

  • Health – where the market has been crawled to discover the best deals from health professionals in the business of dentistry, ophthalmology, consultancy and overall general health.
  • Savings – the market is once again scoured for the best products and innovative rates of interest.
  • Lifestyle – gym passes, theatre tickets, adventure weekenders? Packages to suit the best lifestyle benefits for the right employee.

Benefit Select

Benefit Select as a platform focuses on salary sacrifice, health and wellbeing and pensions. There is also a range of insurances for employees.

Perk Pal

Perk Pal offers a number of amazing discounts in stores and establishments across the country. Restaurants, theatre tickets and gym memberships are heavily focused within this dynamic platform. Perk Pal delivers exclusive discounts and benefits to thousands of employees across the UK.

John Peterson

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