Special Benefits of Using AI in Manufacturing

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Artificial intelligence (AI) is changing the way people do things, and its benefits are particularly evident when applied in manufacturing. AI helps manufacturers to predict when their devices are likely to fail so that they can maintain them well to reduce downtime and improve efficiency. This post is a closer look at AI applications in manufacturing and the benefits to anticipate. 

How does AI Work?

AI works through machine learning. This is the idea that through the progressive addition of data and its refinement, the machines in a system can get “smarter.” AI uses this progressive information and advanced computer applications, allowing machines to perform duties with intelligence. 

Most manufacturers apply AI in manufacturing to enhance overall equipment efficiency (OEE), reduce downtime, and improve their products’ quality. Other benefits of using AI in manufacturing include: 

AI is an Important Component of Industrial Automation

Using industrial internet of things (IIOT) on the equipment in a manufacturing facility, it is easy to combine the entire production process and make it programmable through logic control. Today, more industries are using precision sensory devices that help to generate more data on different aspects, from chemical reactions to temperatures. 

Programmable logic controllers work with advanced AI programs to automatically respond to different situations or initiate action in industrial devices. For example, advanced software can help to establish when the temperatures in a device, such as a boiler, reach critical points and initiate changes or shutdown. 

AI Makes it Possible for Industrial Systems to Run 24/7

When you entirely rely on human beings to run an industrial system, they require regular maintenance, such sleep and food. This means that for your system to run 24/7, you need to use shifts, but people are still bound to make errors at work. 

When you adopt the use of AI, the robots installed to run the system do not get hungry, tired, or even require sleeping. This means that your facility can operate 24/7 to optimize production. What is even more impressive is that most AI programs come with self-diagnostic systems that help to indicate when there is a problem, implying you only need to close down shortly when maintaining them. 

How is AI Being Applied in the Mining Industry: Iskander Makhmudov

One of the companies that have marched ahead with machine learning and AI adoption is (Ural Mining and Metallurgical Company) UMMC.  After establishing the company early in the 1990s, Iskander Makhmudov has not looked back and is always on the race to improve the production lines. In more than 40 UMMC’S mining companies located in Russia and other countries, automation is used to enhance workplace safety, improve production efficiency, and keep the cost of production low.

If you have a manufacturing unit or plan to start one, adopting AI and automation can help to enhance productivity and make the enterprise stand out. Like Iskander Makhmudov of UMMC, you can also use automation and machine learning to cut cost of operation and rapidly grow your enterprise. Do not be left behind as others adopt AI that helps to catapult them to success. 

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