5 Reasons Why Your Industry Needs CNC Turning Services

According to research by Grand View Research, the CNC machining market was valued at $67.19 Billion in 2019. The study further projects that by 2027, this market will expand by 7.3%.

This rise will be caused by the advancement in technology, and its increase in applications in different industries.

Therefore, based on this research, it is certain that CNC machining isn’t going anywhere, anytime soon.In fact, for most industries, CNC turning has become a highly popular choice for most manufacturers.

It involves feeding a metal bar to the lathe, that rotates at high speed while a cutting tool removes parts of the metal to create the desired shape.

This process, despite being quite expensive, has numerous benefits to industries.

Below are five reasons why your industry needs it.

1.     Accuracy and precision

CNC machines are known for their high degree of precision and accuracy. Computer software is generally more accurate than conventional human workers.

A CNC turning machine can manufacture parts with accuracies of up to 0.01mm. Moreover, they are not affected by speed or large-scale production of parts.

The machines can work on numerous parts at the same time and still maintain the same level of accuracy. This is unlike human workers, who have the human error element that affects productivity.

CNC turning machines, in contrast, can be active 24/7 and still deliver quality work, with breaks for maintenance only.

2.     Efficiency in productions

In manufacturing, many a time you’ll need to repeat one design to recreate a part. While this may be a fairly simple task, repetition usually results in a lot of human errors.

That’s why CNC turning services are best for you.

The CNC machines use a CAD/CAM software which allows the users to save different designs for use later. As such, you can repeat one task as many times as you want with zero chances of errors.

The machine remains 100% as effective as it was.

Moreover, the CNC turning machine stops running immediately it detects a problem in the production. This means that it minimizes the risk of wastage of materials and hence helps boost your efficiency.

3.     Higher speeds

Right from the word go, CNC turning machines are super-fast. Their installation and integration into the production system take only less than an hour, and production takes less than two minutes.

It’s therefore much faster than the conventional human workers.

Furthermore, the machine can run non-stop all day and night without having to break. This allows you to create more products much faster and hence improves your productivity.

4.     Better safety in the workplace

Besides speed and efficiency, CNC turning services also make the workplace a much safer place. The machines get to do all the hard and dangerous tasks, allowing employees to enjoy a safer environment to work from.

They are also fitted with numerous safety features which ensure that they can’t harm anyone. The workers, thus, have an easier time watching and monitoring as the machine does all the heavy work.

5.     Saves on production costs

The best thing about CNC turning machines is their precision. This accuracy reduces the amount of wastage from production and hence cuts down the losses significantly.

This is especially beneficial for large scale productions as the number of faulty products can be controlled. The machines require only one operator to monitor them all hence eliminating the need to hire a massive workforce.

Its speed and productivity also mean that you’ll spend less on energy bills since production takes a much shorter time.

With proper care, the CNC machines also require minimal maintenance and repair.


CNC turning services are essential for any manufacturing industry; that’s for sure. Investing in these services will mean that your business will experience: better accuracy and precision, efficiency, higher speeds, better safety and reduction in production costs.

With these benefits in your business, you’ll definitely stand a chance against your competitors.

Therefore, don’t wait for a crisis to invest in the CNC turning services, try it today, and watch as your industry takes off!

John Peterson

Amanda Peterson: Amanda is an economist turned blogger who provides readers with an in-depth look at macroeconomic trends and their impact on businesses.