The blizzards and snowstorms of USA and how does it affect people?

The United States of America is one of the major places in the world where during winter snow creates devastation. As USA is located in such a location, many states of the US receive heavy snowfall during winter. And due to some natural conditions even Blizzards make appearance during the winter season which makes it a bigger problem in some parts. Heavy snowfall along with the road blockade due to it makes the lives of common Americans very difficult.

The many manifestations of a single road blockade problem due to snowfall

The problem of heavy snowfall and snowstorms create a single problem that is road blockade which manifests itself into three different types of problems, each affecting different groups of people. The first group of people and perhaps the most devastatingly affected group are the business owners and shopkeepers. As the roads remain blocked during the winter it becomes hard for the small businesses to remain open. It is due to the fact that customers cannot access the roads and thus the business prospects reduce drastically. This not only makes the survival of small businesses during winter very hard but even large corporations see reduced employees and customers during winter season. This in turn affects the economy of a state severely.

Who are some of the most vulnerable groups affected by snowfall?

Apart from the businesses the common low income people are also affected by this particular problem of snow deposition and road blockade. The low income groups who generally work in small businesses face layoff problems as businesses struggle to stay open during winter. Also for low income groups the access to emergency services is also reduced as the roads and sidewalks remain blocked due to snowfall. And lastly the students face problems with their education. As snowfall blocks the roads the access to schools also gets hampered. This makes the educational institutions to conduct online classes and help the students with their study virtually which is not a very practical solution to the whole problem.

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