Reasons Why You Should Invest in Marbella Real Estate

4 Reasons Why Marbella Real Estate is a Great Investment | European Property

The city of Marbella is located in the province of Málaga and has become one of the most important tourist destinations in Spain. The city attracts thousands of visitors every year because its natural landscape, beaches, golf courses and luxury hotels are unrivaled. In addition, Marbella has a rich history which dates back to the Phoenician era. A real estate investment in Marbella offers several benefits. This article will explain why you should invest inMarbella real estate and what to consider when making your decision.

Why You Should Invest in Real Estate in Marbella

  1. The city’s natural landscape is unrivaled: Marbella offers something for everyone. The city has an ecosystem that includes a variety of ecosystems, from the Mediterranean coast to the Sierra Blanca mountain range. This means there will always be something new to explore and enjoy.
  2. It has access to two airports: The city is located just 10 minutes from Málaga airport which is the main airport in Andalusia, and it also has its own small airport which caters mainly to private jets.
  3. It is affordable: Buying property in Marbella may seem expensive at first glance, but when you compare property prices with other popular destinations in Europe, Marbella still offers a very good deal for potential buyers. Properties in the city start at €125 000 for a 200m2 apartment and can go up to €5 million for a 5 bedroom villa on a hill overlooking the Mediterranean Sea.
  4. There are plenty of luxury hotels: The city has over 20 luxury hotels including one 5-star hotel and five 4-star hotels along with many more 3-star accommodations which represent excellent value for money by European standards. These properties offer everything from spacious rooms with views of the ocean to exclusive spas, high-end restaurants, access to golf courses and more.

What to Consider When Buying Properties in Marbella

Investment opportunities in Marbella are diverse and give you the opportunity to invest in a large number of properties. You can buy apartments, houses and villas or even commercial properties for sale.

  • Apartment complexes: These types of properties offer a good rental income and capital appreciation.
  • Houses: These properties are suitable for people who want to live in the city but also have their own house and garden.
  • Villas: The most prestigious property type, villas offer more living space and a higher quality of life than apartments or townhouses.
  • Commercial premises: A perfect business investment, commercial premises offer you an additional source of revenue.

Final Thoughts

Real Estate in Marbella is a great investment opportunity, so the next time you’re looking to buy property, head down to southern Spain and see what the city’s got to offer. If ever that you are having doubts about buying a property in Marbella, then you are free to do your research online. There are different types of properties that you can choose from and you will also notice that the demand is high.  You definitely won’t regret buying a property in Marbella!

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