Make use of digital advertisements to promote your business

Social media advertisements for ecommerce industry are important as they play an important role in catching the attention of the potential customers. If you are looking for one such service provider then you should hire Hook Agency. The advertisements can help you in enhancing your customer base and below discussed are some platforms on which you can get the advertisements posted so as to get the best results.

Social media networks for advertising

  1. Facebook advertisements – Facebook is a universal social media platform. This platform hosts the population of the world providing advertisers with unparalleled opportunity for reaching virtually anywhere and anyone. In e-commerce the facebook acts as lead advertising medium as it costs even lesser than $1.
  1. Instagram advertisements – the facebook’s hottest acquisition, instagram hosts 500 million of users every month and commands huge population of social media, which is 2000% more than twitter and 58% more than facebook. Instagram allows making business account for selling and advertising of products. 9*-Its ads can get linked directly to the page of products.
  1. Twitter advertisements – this social media platform has revolutionized the format of releasing breaking news. It has provided access to user for getting connected with both mainstream and niche influencers. It contains 328 million of population of active users. Twitter is viable network, here brands don’t have to pay for reaching to their followers, and this enhances the value of the platform.   
  1. Pinterest advertisements – it is a unique platform used in ecommerce, it is bit similar as instagram but it is mainly focused on the women and is seen by 81% of female users. It has monthly users up to 175 million. Pinterest targets its products mainly towards rich women of US. The retailers of ecommerce love the format of Pinterest for targeting the women as it increases their selling.
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