Why Wait?

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father (the real Don Johnson) shared a simple (but incredibly
important) lesson with me the other day.  We were having lunch when he
mentioned something he had learned from one of his business partners
years ago.  He said, "One of the things I learned from Ben was to act
on what you’re thinking about immediately.  We would often be in a
conversation and I would mention, ‘Hey, we should get a hold of _______
(blank) about _________(blank)’ and Ben would hand me the phone and
say, ‘Call him.’" 

Like I often say, "Simple is not simplistic. In fact, the most
powerful things in life are simple."  This was one simple lesson, but
oh what power.  Just think about it.  How many things have you thought
about doing this week, but didn’t act upon?  How many phone calls did
you not make?  How many decisions did you put off?  How many letters
did you not get around to writing that you thought about writing?  How
many great ideas did you think about that you haven’t executed yet?
How many projects did you think about but didn’t do anything about? 

Procrastination kills all of us.  Every day we’re confronted with a
slew of "to do" items that would bury most people.  And because we’re
often overwhelmed, we often waste time debating what we ought to do so
that we never get around to actually doing what we know we ought to
do.  So, what do you need to do immediately before you read another
blog?  What have you been putting off doing today? 

Maybe, that simple lesson from Ben Kendig isn’t so simplistic after
all, is it?  I know for me, that simple lesson has changed my week and
productivity!  Hopefully it’ll do the same for you!  (By the way, why
are you still reading this!!!)

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