If you’re looking for an outside consultant or coach to help you grow your business or organization faster, then the next question you’re probably asking each potential consultant is, “Why should I choose you over any other consultant?” Well, besides the fact that we’re good at what we do, we think that there are more than a few reasons why you should choose us.

What Makes Us Different

1. We’re a one-stop shop for business growth consulting for small businesses. There are a number of consultants and coaches who are good at one area of executive attention (for ex. marketing or money or leadership—or even a subset of an area—for example, referrals, a subset of marketing). But as the head of your business/organization, you need a consultant who gets all five areas of executive attention and has intellectual property related to all five areas (see the image below the text for all five).

2. We create customized solutions in which you (the client) help create the solution. In other words, we don’t walk into a company or organization like yours and offer you a big McKinsey-esque binder full of “expert” solutions. We’ve tried that and it doesn’t work. Binders look nice on a shelf but they don’t produce results. Execution is what matters and most clients only execute what they help create. Therefore we won’t waste your time or ours on big binders (or on one-size fits all solutions).

3. We use a value-based/fixed fee approach. Having used consultants ourselves, we hate being charged by the hour (or every six minutes). If you have a question, you should be free to contact your consultant and not be afraid that you’re going to be charged extra for it—which is one of the reasons why we use a value-based/fixed free approach. To find out more about why we prefer this approach over a time-based approach click on the following link.

Why a Value-Based Fee Structure is Better Than a Time-Based One

4. We’re locally-based. While we coach people across the United States, almost all of our consulting work is done around Montgomery County MD (or its surrounding counties). If you need a consultant to help you grow your business, leadership and profits faster, you don’t want to have to pay for a plane flight for what might only need to be a few hours of actual on-site time (plus we can get there a whole lot faster).

5. We work directly with owners, CEOs and service professionals. In order for change to really take root in a small business, you, the owner or CEO, have to own the change and be a champion of it. Therefore, we do virtually all of our work with the person at the top of a business or organization (and their top team). Note: This doesn’t mean we won’t work with a team of managers on a skills issue, but it would be in connection with a strategic initiative that you signed off on.

6. We’ve done it before. Our founder previously built a multi-million dollar business from scratch between 1989 and 2005 before becoming a consultant/coach/author/speaker/online marketer. He used to be the pastor of a large church which he started with two families that grew to two thousand people and $2.7M in revenue under his leadership. So he understands what it’s like to start something from scratch and then to build it into something large. In fact, for the first decade, his church grew at an average of 30.5% per year for ten years straight.

7. We’re both communicators and practitioners. Some people know how to do something, but can’t teach it. Others know how to teach it, but haven’t done it. We’re the rare combination of those who’ve both done and can teach it.

8. We’re a systems-oriented practice. In other words, we don’t think you can make a change to one part of a system without affecting the rest. So, for example, to focus on a marketing-only approach to growth, without thinking about execution management or leadership or strategy or money management to us seems just  short-sighted. Since your business is a whole system, we think it’s incredibly important that we always attack problems from a systems perspective.

To help you understand how we think this, we think the following two images will help you get up to speed quickly.

The AG Model 5 Decisions.001
The AG Model 5 Strategies II.002

Now that you have a better idea of why we think you should choose us, chances are you’ll want to discover how we might be able to help you. And for that, you’ll want to select the kind of help you’d like from the list below.

1. For consulting services, click here
2. For business coaching, click here
3. For speaking services, click here

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