Why Cross-draw Holster?

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Advantages of having a cross-draw holster

Cross-draw holster is not a new term in the holster world. They were in the market from the cowboy era. They were very popular because it was easy to conceal the guns with a cross-draw holster while riding the horses. Nowadays, even though the number of people using cross-draw holsters is less, they still hold up their purpose. 

Even under strong criticism, they still managed to domain the holster world. There is a wide range of cross-draw holsters available in the market. From shoulder holsters to chest holsters, everything is easily available. Among all of them, the belt cross-draw holster is the most popular one. 

Cross-draw holsters always had an equal number of haters and followers. Cross-draw holsters were more popular among the 1911 and S & W 686 owners. Even though they do not provide all the advantages of an OWB holster, the cross-draw holsters still compensate for the disadvantages of OWB holsters. 

The biggest advantage of having a cross-draw holster is that it can be used in a seated position. If you are someone who spends most of the time seated while working, then cross-draw holsters are the best option for you. They help in concealing the gun and do not obstruct the path in any manner. 

Cross-draw holsters are naturally attached to the body. It is designed in such a way that it is easy and safe while drawing the gun from the holster. With cross-draw holsters, the movements are natural and easy. Even in a seated position, you can get a good grip on the gun. 

It allows you to draw the gun easily during threats. When you are using an OWB or IWB holster, you cannot make the movements easily. Your movements also depend on your seating position. If you are driving, then it depends on the design of your vehicle. But you don’t have to worry about any of these when you are using a cross-draw holster. 

The concealability of the gun is another major factor that gives cross-draw holsters more popularity. When you are using an OWB holster, even if you are using your strong side, it is difficult to conceal your gun. The chances of revealing yourself with the gun are more when you are using an OWB holster. The gun prints over your dress can make the other party alert that you are armed. But with cross-draw holsters, there are no such situations. You can conceal your gun easily and can use it secretly when you are facing any threats. 

Concealability is a major factor that has to be considered if you are an officer. If you make the attacker alert that you are armed, things may not work out in a manner that you have imagined. With cross-draw holsters, it is easy to draw your guns. You can easily take out them in secret. All you need to do is just pretend to fold your hand. Draw out the weapon that is concealed under your dress and face the attacker. 

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