What are Your Needle Movers?

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Ever wonder what you ought to focus your time and attention on? With so many things on your plate, don’t you often wonder, “Where should I start?” But more importantly, as the point person for your company, it’s even more critical that you focus your attention on those activities that have the highest probability of moving your company forward. So how do you decide what those are?

Well, one way is to use, “Needle Movers,” (a phrase I love) from Christine Comaford. Christine ComafordChristine defines a needle mover as a tangible result that if accomplished would change everything for your business. In other words, a needle mover is a game changer. It’s not a simple task. And it’s not necessarily a strategic initiative.

I think of strategic initiatives as key initiatives that the majority of executives (or business units) in a business can be involved in. For example, “To raise the level of excellence,” or “To develop the next generation of leaders.” The idea of a strategic initiative is to get as many people as possible involved in helping move a company or organization forward. If an initiative is something that only one small part of a company might be involved in, the ownership and excitement over that initiative will be minimal.

However, a needle mover could be something that is very specific to a specific area. For example, a needle mover could be, “To land two major accounts with Fortune 500 companies in the next 90 days.” HR and Finance (et. al.) probably won’t be involved in landing those accounts, but landing those two accounts could be a game changer.

Other examples of needle movers might be

•    To generate 1,000 new leads this month
•    To hire three new pay-for-performance sales reps
•    To ink five new joint venture projects over the next quarter
•    To create one new product over the next 30 days.
•    To outsource all of xyz (so you can focus more time on profitable activities)
•    To generate an additional $________ of revenue in the next 30 days
•    To add two new sales channels

You get the idea. Based on your size and your market, what would be a game changer for you? What needle movers will radically change everything for you and your business?

Narrow those ideas down to the top three (no more than five) needle moving results you want for the next month (or quarter, or year). Then create a plan for how you plan to accomplish those needle movers. And then finally focus your attention, every day, for the next 30 (or 60 or 90) days on those three (to five) needle movers.

Every morning you need to ask, “What progress will I (or we) make on our needle movers today?” And then, at the end of every day, you need to ask, ”What progress did I (or we) make on our needle movers today?

If you want to make progress fast, make sure you focus on your needle movers . . . every day!

To your accelerated success!

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  1. Dana Eagleman 10 April 2010 at 4:58 am #

    wonderful stuff thanx

  2. maragaret taeli 20 September 2016 at 11:44 am #

    I am running an office furniture manufacturing company (black woman) and I would like to know 1 – 5 points that move the needle in business

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