The job an interior decorator is not only to build home but it goes deeper in terms of the client’s psychology. The choices that the client makes when deciding on the elements of their new home are influenced by the designer. The effect is documented and well-studied after. From the colored walls in the kitchen to the anxiety towards choosing one brand is all played in by the professional

The psychology of interior design –  decisions and results

The color of a living space can also be considered as its most striking feature. But not many people understand that colors around us conceptualize the way one perceives their surroundings. It is important to make sure that the color of a house fits well with the tone of that space too.

Some colors and their effects are as follows:

  1. red: is a symbol of power. It is used to satisfy the need of a customer who needs a warm look to their space.
  2. orange: stands for energy. It is used to accentuate the look of a house.
  3. yellow: is the color of happiness and creativity. A hard choice but if done right looks fabulous.
  4. green: is soothing. Best choice for an entryway
  5. blue: calm and fresh. It is good to tone down stress in high traffic areas.
  6. purple: royal. Can be used to give off a luxury like aspect to the space. Best for master bedrooms of formal rooms as a way of sophistication.
  7. gray: a very relaxing color, can be used in workspaces
  8. white: is for a sense of utter cleanliness and purity.

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