The Food Channel is Remarkable!

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After I performed John Horvat’s funeral last Thursday, I arrived home, went to get the mail—and as I walked up our driveway, bent down to pick up the paper and . . . threw out my back.  Now, i wish I could report that I injured my back doing something heroic (like pulling someone out of a burning car) but alas, I did it trying to pick up the Thursday edition of the Washington Post (it was a really heavy edition—not!).  As soon as I bent the wrong way, I knew I was in trouble.  In fact, I could barely make it inside. So, knowing I was destined for the couch for the next few days, I turned my TV to the Food Channel and was I ever in for a treat (pun intended).

If you haven’t watched the Food Channel, give it a try sometime. It won’t take long before you’ll find your favorites.  As I blogged about a week ago, I love watching Emeril Live ("Don’t turn that dial.  When you come back, we’re gonna KICK IT UP A NOTCH!"). But I also enjoy Iron Chef America, Molto Mario (Mario Batalli) and Everyday Italian (Giada De Laurentiis) . . . hey, when you’re Italian (my mother’s maiden name was Pantalone) you’ve got to go with your roots!

However, since I was stuck lying on my back, I ended up watching shows I normally wouldn’t—and I was impressed by so many of them.  Watching Sugar Rush was a rush!  I especially loved the dessert only restaurant in Ocean City called Broulee.  Watching people who are passionate about their craft and who then do something about it, is what the Make it Remarkable movement is all about. Or watching Giada go Behind the Bash at the Grammys and show what remarkable work is done, both with the food and the design, and then even with the ice carvings, by caterers was inspiring.

Needless to say, since I was on my back for two days, I could go on and on about the Food Channel—but I think you get the point.  If you want to watch (and be inspired by) people who are passionate about what they do and then go out and execute what they do in new and remarkably different ways, then you need to watch the Food Channel.  Some shows won’t be your cup of tea, that’s okay.  We need different kinds of shows for different kinds of people.  But I’m confident it won’t take long before you’ll find a few shows that you’ll want to watch from time to time—not just because of what they’re cooking, but because you’ll want to be inspired to go out and do something remarkable as well! Great chefs aren’t content with doing what everyone else is doing.  Great chefs want to do something different . . . they want to do something REMARKABLE!

So, what are you waiting for? Go do something remarkable today!

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