Every organization has a set of guiding principles, a point of view about how they work and what they believe to be true about what they do. As such, here are the primary points of view for our company–ideas which separate, differentiate and define who we are and what we do.

We believe that …

1. The key to growth is found in growing the senior leader first because no organization can consistently perform at a level beyond the capacity of their senior leader. Inevitably, the senior leader’s weaknesses either are or will be the organization’s weaknesses over time. Therefore, grow the leader, grow the organization.

2. Bigger is better than small, better is better than ordinary, faster is better than slow, sustainable is better than unsustainable, and more profitable is better than marginal.

3. Everything is a system and in a system every part matters–which means that a senior executive doesn’t have the luxury of being competent at just one or two things. He/she can’t be good at marketing and not strategy. Or good at people management, but not at financial management. In other words, every senior executive needs to pay attention to and at least be competent at the five key areas of executive attention.

4. Every senior executive should be a growth accelerator, not a maintainer. The primary job of a senior executive is to leverage the time, talents, resources, and intellectual property of the people they employ to provide the products and/or services that will meet and exceed the needs and wants of their target market, as quickly and as profitably as possible.

5. Strategy and tactics do have an order–and it does matter (i.e. if you’re going in the wrong direction, it doesn’t matter how fast you’re going). Selecting the right ideas that can deliver significant growth is critical to accelerated growth. However, once you have the right ideas, it’s the speed of implementing those ideas that separates out fast growth companies from the rest.

6. Building an accelerated growth business is about building a business that can systematically and predictably deliver both revenue and profit gains, year after year, often at an accelerated rate. It is not about simply generating short-term sales surges.

7. Accelerated growth companies are customer-centric, not company-centric. They don’t focus on what they produce or provide, but what their customers want. The driving question isn’t, “How can we get more people to buy more of what we offer?” But rather, “What do our customers want and how can we make sure they get what they want-and then some?”

8. No one optimizes everything. Every business and/or organization has underperforming assets and either overlooked or hidden opportunities that could be generating significant income if they were better optimized or engaged.

9. Process trumps problems. Using the right process, virtually every problem is solvable.

10. Focus and dogged determinism are essential to creating real change. Selecting a few key initiatives and sticking with them until they become a reality is critical to rapid growth. On the other hand, continually being bored and therefore intrigued by new initiatives is a major hindrance to growth.

11. Bonus: Over time, even remarkable products and services move from remarkable to ordinary to death. It is therefore essential that every product, service, solution, process, procedure etc. be continually reinvented and improved/changed. Customers want it, employees need it, and competitors force it on any company that wants to continually grow year after year.

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