The 21 Day Positive Focus Experiment

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The other day I was listening to an audio recording by Dan Sullivan called "The 21 Day Positive Focus." And while the concept is rather simple, the idea is rather powerful.  The basic idea is that we succeed in life based upon our confidence level.  Regardless of what are talent level is, if we’re not confident about what we’re capable of doing, we won’t perform at the level we could. 

An excellent example of this is unfolding before our eyes this week at the US Open.  In the first two days of the tournament, "better" tennis players have lost to "lesser" players.  Why?  In many cases because of confidence. In fact, I can often tell who’s going to win, long before they actually win, just by looking at each player’s eyes.  It’s all about confidence. If you feel confident you’re going to succeed at something, chances are, you will.  However, if you’re not confident, chances are you won’t (even if you could).

So, how can we build our confidence?  Dan recommends that you do a 21 Day Positive Focus.  Now, you can order the book, or you can just take out a sheet of paper, and for 21 days, write out your responses to these four simple questions (which he puts in a table format—question at top, five lives below).  The four questions are:

1.  What were your five top accomplishments for the day?

2.  Why did they matter to you?

3.  How can you build on them?

4.  What specific steps do you need to take to build on them?

Very simple.  But very powerful.  In other words, for 21 days, you will choose to reflect not on what went wrong, but what went right in your life.  And then how can you take that which went right and make it even better.  My wife, Jacquie, and I are doing this together (note: a great marriage builder idea) and it’s been fun to do together. 

Now, while there are all kinds of variations on this theme that you can do, remember that the power of this process is that it really does cause you to focus, at the end of the day, on what went right.  And the more we focus on what went right, the more confident we become.  And the more confident we become, the greater our ability to succeed at whatever we want to succeed at—whether that is work or play, marriage or parenting, financial management or playing the piano.  Everything goes better when we feel confident about our ability to do it.

So, are you ready to do the 21 Day Positive Focus?
I hope so! Now, go do it . . . for at least 21 days.  You’ll be glad you did.

P.S.  You can check out some of Dan’s other products at  The 21 Day Positive Focus is under products > for everyone.

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