In order to ensure that we have a flawless and exceptional experience, please make sure all of the following details are attended to before the engagement.

Audio-Visual Requirements

  • A wireless microphone (over the ear or lapel is fine. A hand held is NOT.)
  • A video projector.
  • A projector stand.
  • A large screen (set off to my right – preferably not directly behind me, unless there are other side screens)
  • As much light as possible in the room (just not on the screen)

Make sure you have lights, if at all possible, that will focus on my face. My basic rule is, “If you can’t see someone’s eyes, you can’t trust them. And if you don’t trust them, you won’t listen and act on what they say.” Since you don’t want to waste our time, make sure there’s plenty of light in the room.

Room Set-up

  • A riser/stage should be made available whenever any group is larger than 50 people (this is extremely helpful for your people so they’ll be able to see easily.
  • Please keep the distance from the first row of chairs and/or tables to no more than 8-10 feet from the stage. I like to be close to people (not distant).
  • Please make it easy for me to walk back and forth across the stage (I’m rather high energy) and to get down off the stage and into the audience (if at all possible).
  • Make sure the doors are facing me (i.e. in the back of the room) so that when people need to leave early (or arrive late), they won’t distract everyone else.
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