Simple or Complex?

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If given the choice, do you prefer something simple or complex?  Easy or difficult?  Well, if you’re like most people, simple and easy win hands down.  So why do we keep making what we do so complex? Why do we make purchasing so difficult? Why do we add too many options to what we’re offering/selling? Why are there so many words (a bit too convicting)? Why do we put too much detail in a report?  Why do we try to advance 50 things down the field at the same time? It’s just not wise.

This past week, Fortune magazine ran an article on OraSure Technologies’ new oral HIV test kit.  Previous entries to the field required too much work.  Prick a finger, blot a number coded card, send the card in to a lab, and two days later call a toll-free number where you can hear the result.  Too many steps. Too many delays.

However, OraSure Technologies gets our desire for simple and easy.  In fact, what makes their test kit so remarkable is that all you need to do is take a swab, insert it into a small tube-shaped bottle and wait 20 minutes for the result (somewhat like a home pregnancy kit). Though OraSure hasn’t attained FDA approval yet, once they do, I’m sure they’ll do quite well financially.  Why? Because they know that remarkable is usually spelled “simple” or “easy”.

So how can you take what you’re doing this week and make it easier for people to do? Or simpler for them to understand? I can almost guarantee that if you ask the people who use your products or services (which may be employees or internal clients for some of you) that they would say, “It could be simpler (or easier or clearer, etc.).  So don’t rush by this caffeine blast too fast! You can make whatever you do simpler and/or easier—and those you’re serving will appreciate it!

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