Ready to Create Your Own Tribe?

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Seth Godin
Seth Godin has done it again. Last week, while on vacation, I finally got a chance to read Seth's book entitled, "Tribes," and loved it. The basic premise is that throughout history, tribes (composed of a leader, a group and an idea) have primarily been ruled by geography.

However, the internet has changed all that. Now, someone from Niles, OH can lead a "tribe" of people from India, Brazil, Sweden and Sacramento. That said, even though the internet has made this a possibility, Seth's argument is that the world is still in need of more leaders. In essence, Seth, the marketer, has written a short treatise on leadership in the internet age.

While, I'd clearly encourage you to read, Tribes, for yourself, you can start asking the basic questions he raises without doing so. For example,

  • What group of people do you know who need leadership?
  • Do they have a pressing need that they want met/healed/solved?
  • What are you passionate about?
  • What groups of people from your past do you connect with best?
  • What do they need to hear or do or think, that would help them?

As business leaders, Seth, gives us all a great challenge. In this new wired age, how can we best express our leadership gifts, now that geographical boundaries are irrelevant?

Can you imagine what could happen for your business if you created a tribe of people who were all looking to you (or you and your company) to provide them with leadership and solve their problems? Whether you're a personal trainer or the CEO of a publishing company, an Executive Director of a Performing Arts Center or the Managing Partner of a Law Firm, the impact could be incredible.

So, are you ready to create your own tribe? I hope so! Because there are plenty of people who are counting on you to answer the call.

P.S. Seth doesn't really dig into this, but tribes are very profitable! Why? Because tribe members (i.e. fans) tend to buy more, pay more and tell more people about you and your company. So, what are you waiting for? Go start your own tribe!

P.P.S. Seth's book, Tribes, is the twelfth book down on my list of "Books I've Been Reading" in the column to the left of this column.

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