Ready for Accelerated Growth Driver #1?

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If you could pick one idea or concept that drives accelerated growth companies more than any other, what would you pick?

Would you pick, “Great leadership?” Or, “A new or better technology?” Maybe, “Massive cash flow?” Or, “Viral marketing?” Or would you pick, “Great systems?” Or maybe even, “Great people?”

Well, while all of those are worthy choices, I would pick something else. Because, while all of the those choices above are essential to building a great company, especially an accelerated growth company, they aren’t what really drives the behavior of fast growth companies.

No, if I had to pick one driver above every other driver of accelerated growth companies, that one driver would be . . . Speed of Implementation.

Show me a fast growth company and I can almost guarantee that they operate by, “Ready, fire, aim. In other words, the time lag between the generation of an idea and the implementation of an idea is almost always very short.

Bottom line, accelerated growth companies aren’t hung up with perfection.

In fact, Google could easily be the poster child for this. They regularly come up with ideas and put them out in ”imperfect“ forms to test their ideas quickly–in the real world. That stands inGoogle stark
contrast to most companies which come up with an idea or two and then tweak those ideas endlessly in their quest for perfection, which of course means they end up missing the timing of the market–and massive cash flow.

Over the past few months as I’ve been speaking on accelerated growth issues, I found myself frequently saying, ”There are some of you who will go home tonight and execute on several ideas you’ve come up with as a result of what you’ve heard here today. Some of you will go home and over the next few days, implement an idea or two. A few of you will take a week or two and then implement an idea. And then there are the rest of you who will leave here and probably implement nothing. I can almost guarantee you that those who leave this room and implement the ideas they received this morning, tonight, are leading the fastest growth companies in this room.“

Why? Because speed of implementation matters. As Dr. Edward Kramer says so well,

“Eliminate the time between the idea and the act, and your dreams will become realities.”

If you have the right strategy, but don’t implement quickly, you’re toast. What good is an idea, even a great idea, if it’s not implemented quickly?

So, take a look at your business (or organization). How fast are you at executing? How short is the time span between the moment an idea is hatched and the moment its implemented? Are you burdened by perfection? Or fear of failure? Or fear of rejection? Or ego? Or are you burdened by systems of ”checks and balances“ (which rarely are)? Or committees? Or controlling people? Or procedures and policies?

If you or your company rate anything lower than a 10 on the speed of implementation scale, my encouragement would be to deal with it–and fast!

Finally, if you’d like a quick practical application of this principle, here’s an idea for you. Pick a project or idea that’s been sitting on the shelf waiting for its turn. Estimate how long you think it’ll take to implement it. Cut that time in half. Then get started. Ready! Fire! Aim! What are you waiting for?

Toward your accelerated success!

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  1. Ben 3 May 2009 at 5:56 pm #

    Implementation and execution are FAR more important than having something that is “perfect.”
    If you can get things perfect and implement them quickly, then you’re really cooking with gas!!

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