Ready for a 100 Day Challenge?

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As you're coming to the end of this third quarter, have you noticed how easy it is to start checking out? Chances are that many of the goals you set last fall for this year are in many cases unattainable. Like most of us, you probably didn't anticipate how bad or how long the downturn of the economy would be. Nor did you anticipate fuel prices rising as high as they did. Plus, by the end of September, even in good years, it's often clear that most of us aren't going to hit a number of our goals just because few things ever work according to plan. So, what should you do?Goals2007

Well, since checking out isn't a great option, a better one might be to re-challenge and re-energize your team to finish the year well. While none of us can change the past, we do have some power and ability to control/change the future. Furthermore, while some of the goals you and your teams set for this year won't be attained as they were originally envisioned, that doesn't mean you can't make significant progress towards them in this final quarter.

However, why wait another two weeks or so to reinvigorate your team? Why wait until the 4th quarter begins? Why not start immediately? For example, this coming Monday, September 22nd, marks 100 days until the new year. So, why don't you challenge yourself and your team to do something remarkable over the final 100 days of the year?

If you'd like to do that, I'd encourage you to take some time this weekend to envision what would be a big win for you and your company by the end of the year. In other words, what is it that needs to happen for you and your company to make '08 feel like it was a successful year? Do you need to

    •    Hit a certain revenue or profit goal?
    •    Reach a specific metric (widgets produced, houses listed, etc.)?
    •    Launch a new product?
    •    Establish a new joint venture?
    •    Create a sequential marketing campaign?
    •    Develop a new leadership development program?
    •    Attract a certain number of clients?
    •    Generate a strategy for next year that your whole team buys into? Etc.

No one can do it all. But what are the top three things you and your business need to accomplish over the last 100 days of this year?

Whatever they are, write them down. And then I'd encourage you to challenge your team to a 100 Day Challenge starting this coming Monday, September 22nd. In the midst of complexity, most of us crave simplicity. Three ideas. 100 Days. One great finish. Without a doubt, this one idea will help you refocus and re-energize your team.

So, what are the top three things that your business needs to accomplish in order to finish '08 well? Don't take too much time figuring this out though. Remember, you only have 100 Days left :-)

P.S. The 100 Day Challenge also works well for a personal goal or two. Do you need to lose some weight? Create more romance with your spouse? Reconnect with a child(ren)? Or do you want to learn a new language or how to speed read or how to cook or how to paint with acrylics? It's amazing what can happen in 100 Days! So don't forget to create a personal 100 Day Challenge as well.

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