Pay Attention to Little Things

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I don’t know about you, and clearly I was potty trained too early, but I find that little things matter (because it’s the little things that usually annoy me and most of the people I know).  For example, recently I had to call Verizon.  So I went online to their website, jumped through the hoops to find the billing number for the state of Maryland—and was promptly sent somewhere else.  When the person on the other end heard my area code they then asked, “What state are you calling from?” (which they should have known—or at least their screen should have told them).  When I informed them, “Maryland”, I was then promptly sent to . . . Massachusetts.

After finally getting re-routed to Maryland, I was again asked, for the fourth time, what my phone number was. Now, I have to believe that if I’ve got caller ID (as does every pizza delivery service in the country), then Verizon, the company that provides the ID number to all of us who use their lines in the first place, ought to have that number as well.  Why I have to tell a computer my phone number (or any customer service person I speak to down the line) is just plain “unremarkable”. Actually, it’s even worse—it’s annoying! There’s no excuse for it. It’s a little thing, but it’s big thing.  In fact, my first action after this encounter was to check on Vonage.

So, as you look at your company/organization/church/association what are the little things that might matter to your customers? Note: Every interaction with a customer matters. Start with a few small ones and then make the system remarkable.  For example, don’t ask customers for information you already have (i.e. don’t you hate repeating information or filing out duplicate info on a form?).  Or make it easy for customers to contact you (i.e. don’t you get annoyed when you search all over a website and still can’t find a contact phone number?). Or get a “live” (and friendly) person answering your phones (i.e. don’t you hate getting stuck in voice mail jail?).

Remember, you always want to manage the whole experience for your customers/clients/members because little things really do matter!

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  1. oldlahainaboy 16 July 2006 at 1:22 am #

    FYI, my son, who works for AOL, says that your personal number is probably not displayed–instead, the toll free number you dialed is displayed to the support person [however, he also says they have tools to discern your number, but it does take extra work]

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