One Word That Can Change Everything

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What if there was one word that could change everything for your business or organization? One word that could rally your team together  and inspire them? One word that could unleash their full potential? One word that could take your business (or organization) from the “also rans” to the winners circle?

If there was such a word, wouldn’t you want to know it?Scrabble-letters

There is. But before I tell you that one word, let me say I’m confident you’ll be underwhelmed by it. You may even miss out on how important this one word is. After all, most leaders do. Even worse, it’s a common two letter word. You learned it as a child. And had to memorize it in a table in English class. So what is this one word that changes it all?

It’s a small two letter word that all great leaders and motivators use. It’s a personal pronoun that moves from the singular to the plural in the first person. It’s the one word, “We”

Don’t believe how powerful this one word is, then look at how our nation got started. Does not our founding document start with the words, “We, the people.”
Over the past few weeks, I’ve spent time with quite a few leaders, and almost all of them are either struggling with vision casting or aren’t taking advantage of it. And in every case, the simplest, easiest and fastest way to cast vision and inspire a group of people to go somewhere is to insert this simple two letter word into their communications.

  • “This is who we’re becoming.”
  • “This is who we are.“
  • ”Here’s where we’re going.“
  • ”When we get to.“
  • ”When we’re known for.“
  • ”This is how we’re going to get through this.“ etc.

That simple two letter word is powerful. Most leaders talk in terms of ”I“ or ”You.“ ”This is what I’m going to do,“ or ”This is what you need to do.“ But great leaders are masterful in their use of the first
person plural, ”This is what we’re going to do.“ And that one little word makes all the difference.

So, why don’t you try it this week. In every communication to your team (letter, email, speech, one-on-one, etc.), why don’t you try inserting the word, ”We“ and see the difference it makes.

As I frequently say, ”You can never cast vision too much.“ People leak vision every day. So keep casting it and rallying your team around it. And soon you’ll be telling others that there really is one word that can change everything.

To your accelerated success!

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