Make it a Remarkable Year

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The best part of a new year is that it’s a blank slate.  For a brief moment in time, we forget the past and focus on the future.  All of the junk of the past year (or years) is left behind us and we have but a new page to write upon.  No matter what the junk or pain of the past year was, we now have a new opportunity to make a clean break with it and to write a new chapter—and for that I am grateful (as I’m sure many of you are as well!).

So, since we have this new opportunity in front of us, why don’t we take advantage of it and do something remarkable?  It’s not that difficult.  The number one distinguisher of remarkability is uniqueness (i.e. doing something different).  So, if you want to make this year remarkable, how can you do something different in your marriage? Or your parenting? Or how about in your hobby area?  Or what about your work? Or your volunteer service? Or your cooking?

If you and I continue do the same things we’ve been doing the same way we’ve been doing them, this year won’t, by definition, be remarkable. It’ll just be a repeat (and for most of us, that wouldn’t be a good thing!) Something has to change.  Something has to be different.

So what would be different for you?  What would light the fire of passion back in you?  What project would make this year worthwhile? What dream would you like to fulfill? Whatever it is (assuming it is honorable and ethical), go for it!  Start something you’ve always wanted to start. Do something different than you’ve done it in the past.  Be unique. Be outrageous. Swing for the fences.  And make this year remarkable. Refuse to repeat last year.  Don’t surrender to the siren song of ordinary.  Write a new chapter that you’ll be proud to share with anyone who asks you next year! This is your year!  So go for it!!!

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