iTunes does it again!

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I keep being amazed by the people at Apple.  The new iTunes version, if you haven’t downloaded it yet, has a wonderful new feature called the mini-store.  At the bottom of your iTunes window, there is now a display that you can easily turn on or off, that allows you to see other recordings by the artist that you’re currently listening to—along with recommendations for other artists that you might want to check out.

The beauty of this from a marketing standpoint is obvious.  Out of the million plus songs that you can purchase at the iTunes music store, there are only a few (comparatively) that you or I would want to purchase. So, how does Apple make sure that you or I find those songs?  Well, in earlier versions, they kept adding songs while you or I had to search for an artist, song or genre.  Then, as this innovation took off they added additional features like recommendations and radio plays (i.e. they list the music that your favorite radio station is playing lately), etc.  But this newest version of iTunes is the best.

Why?  Because what kind of music are you or I mostly going to listen to (and more importantly purchase)? You’ve got it! Music from the musicians from whom we’ve previously purchased music. Plus, before this new version came out, you or I would have to know that the musician we like had just released a new album (or maybe had released an album we weren’t aware of). But no more.  Now, the iTunes music store will make recommendations at the bottom of your screen based on the music that you’re currently listening to. 

Now, if you’re like me, in the past, I’ve rarely had the time to just search for music at the iTunes store.  In fact, I usually did it late at night when I was tired but not tired enough to fall asleep.  But now, every time I’m using my iTunes music player (and I allow the mini-store to be displayed), I’m being lured by Apple to purchase more music based on what I’m currently listening to. This is brilliant!

Why?  Because Apple did something remarkable.  They made it easier for you and me to purchase from them.  Instead of random recommendations, they can now make tailor-made recommendations based on what we actually like—which is a win-win.  We get more of the music we like and Apple gets more of our money.

So, as you look at your company or organization, what new innovations are you coming up with that will wow your customers and make it easier for them to purchase from you?  Remember, that new innovation just might make you a whole lot of money!

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2 Responses to “iTunes does it again!”

  1. jill 3 February 2006 at 9:46 pm #

    I think we will all have to take out second mortgages to cover our i-tunes bills.

  2. Lisa 2 March 2006 at 3:13 pm #

    Check out Netflix and prepare to be wow’d for the very same reason. When you browse the DVD selections and you pick one & add it to your queue, you see other recommended DVDs based on: same genre, same actor, reviews of famous film critics, & how you’ve rated other films. This system pulls you in: as you rate more & more DVDs (not just rented, but ever watched), you begin to build a tremendous queue and then arrange and re-arrange it & question if you should maybe rent more DVDs at a time to tackle all this entertainment value just sitting there on your queue being stored up for your viewing pleasure. :)

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