Is Your Model Still Right?

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I was talking with someone earlier this week and the conversation got started something like this. “I have this process I’ve been trying to get people to buy in to but I’m having trouble getting more people to buy it.” Sound familiar?

My first question to him was, “You’ve started this by defining a process/product. But, for a moment, let’s forget about that and go back to the beginning and ask, ‘What’s your objective for this process?’ In other words, what do you want to produce when people are finished going through their experience with you?”

After he told me his answer I said, “Well, if what you want to produce is [X], then it seems to me that you have the wrong model.” In other words, he did what most people do, he created a model of what he thought people needed–and then set out to try to convince those same people that what they needed was what he was offering (which, of course, is the wrong way to do this).

Moreover, the model that he was using, was counterproductive. Because of the way the process was designed, it made it virtually impossible for him to attract the very kinds of people he wanted to attract. So instead of being able to attract the very best possible pool of customers, the reality was he was left with less than his optimal target market.

But he’s not alone. I find this same kind of experience in business after business. We design what we think customers’ need vs. what they want (and passionately want). We try to push marketing out to them in order to convince them that they have a need they don’t know they have. And we create processes that make it difficult for our optimal customers to use us. In other words, his story is often our story.

So, when was the last time you took a good look at your business model? Is it the right model? Does it really produce the results you want? Does it really drive the kind of outcomes you desire? Is it scalable? Is it still the right model moving forward? Remember, the world is constantly changing. The model that worked last year or last decade, may not be the right model for today–and even more importantly–for tomorrow!

If you haven’t done this recently, may I encourage you to take some time this week and evaluate your business model. I don’t know what the end result of your review will be–but I do know that the conversation I mentioned above caused me to go back and look at my own model–and yes, you guessed right–I had to make some changes to my model. My guess is that most of us do. So, when will you sit down and ask yourself the questions in the paragraph above?

To your accelerated success!

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