If You Want to Master Change, Master This Statement

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Are there some things in your life or business that you’d like to see changed–but haven’t? Or do you have any initiatives that never seem to get off the ground? Or, any employees that just never seem to get it?

Well, what if I told you there was one simple phrase that could change all of that. What if there was one phrase that could encapsulate everything you’d want to say to them. Or what if there was one phrase that you could use that would provide the motivation for change to occur–wouldn’t you want to know that phrase?

What if there was one phrase that could light the match of change and turn dreams into realities. What if there was one phrase that could turn ideas into products, concepts into services, and initiatives into competitive advantages.

Better yet, what if that same phrase could also melt pounds away, restore broken relationships, and create new ones–wouldn’t you want to know what that one phrase is?

I’d love to tell you what that phrase is, but first I have to warn you, you’ll probably be underwhelmed by it. The natural reaction(s) to the most powerful truths are almost always statements like, “I know that,” or “There’s nothing original about that,” or “That’s it?” which are all the wrong reactions.

Knowing and doing are two completely different things. Most business leaders know the concept, “Write from the prospective of your client and appeal to their needs/wants/desires.” Pretty basic, eh? Absolutely! But I bet you could randomly go to 10 websites and find that 9 out of 10 aren’t applying this basic concept (a simple idea that could radically change their revenues).

So, when I reveal this simple statement, make sure you don’t rush by it. Don’t be underwhelmed by it. Its simplicity is its power. That said, here’s the phrase that can change everything if you let it.

  • “Nothing Changes Until Something Changes.”

That’s it! Simple. Sweet. Profound. And life-changing.

So, write it down. Put it on your desk or computer. Put it on your wall. Put it on the refrigerator door :-). Put it on your mirror. Put it on the wall of your conference room. Use it in performance reviews. Use it in staff meetings. Use it during strategic planning meetings. Use it whenever anything isn’t working the way you want it to. Simply remind yourself (and/or others),

  • “Nothing Changes Until Something Changes.”

When Frank doesn’t get his project done on time say, “Frank, nothing changes until something changes. So what’s going to change?” When you’re evaluating how you managed your time last week, remind yourself, “Nothing changes until something changes.” When your marketing isn’t getting the kind of result you want say, “Team, nothing changes until something changes. So what are we going to change?”

At the end of the day, what matters most are results. Are you getting the results you want? Are you getting the leads you want? Is your pipeline as full as you want it to be? Are your employees producing at the level you want? Are you growing as fast as you want? Are you generating the profits you want? Are you getting the ROI or ROA that you want? Are your marketing dollars producing the results you want? Etc.
If not, then remind yourself,

  • “Nothing changes until something changes!“

Own this simple phrase–and everything can change. Avoid it–and you’ll only prove the truthfulness of it!

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