If You Want to Grow Faster, Give it Away Faster

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Are you overwhelmed with too much to do on your "To Do" list? Do you have too many direct reports?  Or have to attend too many meetings? Or do you have to create too many plans for the coming year? If so, you're not alone.

In fact, just a few hours ago, I got off the phone with a client of mine who was experiencing those very same emotions/frustrations. And my comments to him are the same I'd probably give to you. "If you want to keep growing your organization, then you've got to keep giving more and more away."

On one level, that's a rather simple idea to grasp. But on another, the experiential level, it's incrediblyBiz leader
difficult. Frequently it's because we know we can do something better than anyone else on our team can. Sometimes it's because we don't trust our people. Sometimes it's because we love doing something and don't want to give it away. Often it's because we know we can get it done faster if we just do it ourselves Etc.

But that's all irrelevant. Because giving more and more away is one of the key traits of all great leaders. This isn't about quality or speed. It's all about creating leverage. It's about you, as the person at the top of your organization, intentionally delegating everything possible so you can leverage other people's time, treasures and talents.

As long as you hold on to too much, you're the person holding your organization back. As long as you have to sign off on everything or attend every meeting or finalize every plan or decision, or approve every expense/reimbursement, you are the bottleneck for the growth of your organization/business/non-profit.

So, as we enter this season of giving, why don't you make a GIVING AWAY LIST for yourself?

One way I used to do this was that every December, I'd make a list of all of the things that I had to do (or were on my to do list) that took energy away from me. It could be areas of responsibility or people I had to manage or tasks or meetings, etc. Anything that took energy from me or kept me from focusing my time and energy on the things that would move my business forward.

Then I'd review that list and say, "Now, which of these will NOT be on my plate by the start of next year?" Once I created that list, my DO NOT DO list, I'd simply create a plan to make that happen.

Who can I delegate this to? Or, who do I need to develop to take this over? Or, who can I outsource this to? Those then became the most important questions for me to wrestle with (and now for you :-).

So, once again, as we enter this season of giving, why don't you give yourself (and your business) a gift and make a GIVING AWAY LIST. It just might be the best gift you actually receive this year!

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