How Instagram Could Help you Sell more Products

How to Sell More Products on Instagram: 4 Tips That Work | Digital Main  Street

Instagram is the finest social media network to start with for product marketers. Many online shops’ success is largely due to a great Instagram approach. It’s how most of these stores obtained most of my customers and visitors to their websites. You can get some help from an affordable social media management agency to help you navigate this space.

What makes the ‘gram’ so unique? Well, there are reasons why Instagram is so effective for goods marketers. Here are a few examples;

Brand your Instagram profile and posts to make them more easily identifiable

You should have a consistent brand message to stand out from the crowd. Branding your Instagram profile is an important aspect of your Instagram presence. The Instagram account of Shake Shack is well-branded. Take note of the colour patterns in each highlight album, as well as the distinct design of the product photos. The following are some of the ways how you can benefit from using Instagram.

Make Your Instagram Account a Storefront

The first step in converting your Instagram followers into customers is to create a creative profile focused on capturing a shopper’s attention. In your bio, welcome customers to your store and add a clear call to action. Including a phone number is also beneficial so that customers can contact you if they require assistance. You might also offer an incentive, such as free shipping. Create highlight albums for your offers, new goods, and more if you routinely post to Instagram Stories. Keep your highlight albums basic and appealing by using engaging covers.

The visual medium facilitates sharing

Instagram’s visual medium makes it simple to convey your company’s story, show off your items, and interact with potential buyers. When someone chooses to follow you, your brand becomes ingrained in their daily lives. Once that happens, all you have to do is keep them interested. And when people understand who you are and why you do what you do, they are far more likely to buy from you.

It is simple to obtain social proof

Through social proof, Instagram is the easiest place to develop trust with potential clients. People are motivated to share things they like on Instagram because of its visual aspect (particularly with the popularity of Instagram stories!). The best thing is that new followers who find you via referrals from friends, family, and social media influencers are already familiar with your brand.

The app simplifies the creation of video content

In 2019, video content will be a significant marketing trend. In addition, 64% of shoppers are more likely to buy a product online after watching a video. However, no one has the time (or money) to record and edit a professionally shot video in a fancy studio for a tiny firm. Fortunately, Instagram has a plethora of options that make making videos a breeze. People want more casual, behind-the-scenes content from Instagram stories and Instagram Live. In fact, it increases the relatability of your brand.

Instagram’s visual appeal makes it a preferred medium for sellers to reach out to prospective buyers. It’s also an excellent platform for telling your brand’s narrative in an engaging way.

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