How can wildcard joker make rummy interesting?

There is no denying that rummy is one of the most played and enjoyed card games all over the world. It has become popular over time and its popularity is the proof of just how good the game really is. Rummy Online has been played in India for centuries and over time it has conjured a good number of online players as well. People play this game for many reasons, but a few main reasons behind the popularity of the game are, entertaining, relaxing, improves hand-eye coordination, improves other reflexes and capabilities, etc.

Among the two main types of rummy games, 13 Cards Rummy and 21 Cards Rummy, the 21 Cards rummy is a game of concentration and patience. It takes longer to play this game due to the more number of cards involved. But it improves your patience and skills and helps you work for longer hours. The rules of the game are fairly the same as 13 Cards Rummy, but only, here players are dealt with 21 cards and there is something called a wild card joker. This variation of the game of rummy might seem more complicated than it really is. Players just have to deal with more cards at the same time, but it surely isn’t that hard due to the wild card joker. It increases the chances of winning and makes the game easier. A wild card joker is a very interesting and crucial part of the 21 Cards Rummy game.

About wild card joker in rummy:

  • Used like a joker card

A wild card joker is used only in 21 Cards Rummy. Because of the increased number of playing cards for each player, the wild card joker acts as extra joker cards to make the game equally easy and tough.

  • Picking a wild card joker

Wild card jokers are chosen at random by the dealer of the game. While choosing the wild card joker, if the pre-fixed joker card is selected at random, then all Ace cards are used as wild card jokers.

  • Replace any other card

Just like the pre-fixed joker card, the wild card joker is also used to replace any card in hand. Players can use the wild card joker to fill missing cards of a sequence or set, except for the pure sequence.

  • Carries points

Unlike the pre-fixed joker card, which does not carry any points, the wild card joker carries points that are added to the total value of the player’s cards. The value of wild card jokers is the value of the cards itself that are chosen.

For example: If a number card is selected as a wild card joker, it carries the points of the number card. The same goes for face cards.


The game of rummy is so much interesting and the longer it is played, the more that is. The 21 cards rummy is usually known as the Indian Marriage and is a popular choice at Indian Festival gatherings and family get-togethers. Try the game on the Rummy Passion app.

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