Goose Honkings!

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Ken Blanchard (author of The One Minute Manager) likes to call the acknowledgement section of his books, "Goose Honkings".  Why?  Because, according to Andy Longclaw in Blanchard’s book Gung Ho!, geese honk to cheer one another on. So Ken likes to conclude his books with "Goose Honkings."  It’s his way of encouraging those who’ve helped along him along the way.

And we all need encouragement along the way, because very day we all take hits.  Some days more hits than others. But fortunately God usually sends some special people into our lives just when we need a little encouragement.  For example, this morning, one of the people in my doctoral cohort sent me the following words in an e-mail.

"I hope God in his kindness will continually bring to your mind the people who came to know Christ under your watch, the people who grew, the people who are no longer in bondage as a result of your ministry.  That is your real legacy anyway.  When you get to heaven and God says "Well done," it won’t be the size of the congregation you grew that makes God smile.  It will be the individuals whose lives and eternities changed because of you."

Then I received several positive comments on my other blog which I’m closing down (  Then I ran into a friend at Panera Bread who breathed life into me.  And then I had several other conversations throughout the day where people affirmed me when I needed it.  And so, as I sit here at the end of the day, I am so filled with gratitude for those people who responded to God’s initiative in their lives and took the time to honk some words of life into me.  My heart is fuller because of them.

Which made me think, there are probably some people in your life who need a honking today as well.  So, before the next hour is up, why don’t you take some time right now for a goose honking.  Write an e-mail.  Send a letter.  Or just look someone in the eyes and tell them why you appreciate them. For as Paul writes,

"Therefore encourage one another and build each other up." 1 Thess 5:11

So go ahead and honk away!

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