Get To or Have To?

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Everyday, as Christian leaders, we’re placed in a position where the amount of tasks facing us is always greater than the amount of time we have to accomplish them.  In addition, everyday, we’re required (or asked or expected) to do things that we really don’t want to do.  So, how do we respond to this?  Well, for most of us, we just resign ourselves to living with an incredible number of moments of resignation, "I guess I just have to do this."

Now, think about that phrase.  How do you feel saying it?  "I just have to ______."  Any way you say it, it’s not very positive is it?  But before you resign yourself once more to having to do something you may not like doing, why don’t you try this phrase on for size, "I get to do this."  Feels better doesn’t it?  It’s such a simple vocabulary change, but the effect is amazingly different.

Watch this.
As a church leader, you don’t have to put together another message, you get to put together another message.  You don’t have to make another call to someone in your congregation, you get to make a call to someone in your congregation.  You don’t have to write another report, you get to write another report.  You don’t have to attend another meeting, you get to attend another meeting.  You don’t have to study another theory, you get to study another theory.  You don’t have to attend another conference, you get to attend another conference.

Can you see and feel the difference?  It’s amazing isn’t it?  As ministers, we’ve been given an incredible gift—the gift of standing between two worlds.  We have this wonderful opportunity to spend our full-time vocational efforts in the spreading of the gospel.  Yet we’re often not grateful because we get stuck in the "have to’s".  So, if you’d like to experience more joy in the ministry and find a more grateful heart, you may want to make this simple vocabulary shift from "I have to" to "I get to."  You’ll be amazed at the results!

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