Take advantage of the following free business growth tools and helps. Plus check back often to see what’s been added. Enjoy!

I. Strategy Tools and Helps:

II. Leadership Tools and Helps:

  • Senior Executive Weekly Review If you want to stay on top of the five key strategies of accelerated growth, while constantly improving your ability to lead your business, then download this review sheet and use it weekly.

III. Management Tools and Helps:

  • Systems Activity WorksheetIf you want to help your people learn how to create systems, download and use this systems’ activity guide as a good starting point.
  • Time Tracking Guidelines – If you want to become more focused and eliminate some of your time wasters, then you’ll want to use this time tracking guideline.
  • The AGC Time Log – If you’re looking for a one page time log to record how you’re spending your time, download this pdf.
  • After Action Optimization Review – After engaging in any effort, from hosting an event to creating a process to trying out a new tactic, you should engage in an After Action Optimization Review to optimize that process, tactic or event. For a simple AAOR handout, download this pdf. Then use it often (like several times each month).
  • People Development Form – If you want to have the best talent, you have to be intentional about developing it. This form will guide you through a series of questions to ensure that you’re developing the people on your team to be the best they can be.

IV. Marketing Tools and Helps:

  • The Six M’s of Marketing – Download a pdf of the six components that need to part of every  marketing campaign.
  • The Six M’s Marketing Tactic Worksheet – If you want to do a better job of hitting all six M’s, download and use this planning guide.
  • Monthly Marketing Worksheet – If you want to create a more effective monthly plan to attract and retain more customers, download and use this worksheet monthly.
  • Customer Profile – If you want to attract more customers, you need to have great clarity about who they are.  To help guide that conversation, download this one page customer profile to fill out so everyone’s on the same page.
  • After Action Marketing Activity Review – If you want to know if your ad or campaign was worth it? Or if it want to figure out how to make it better next time? Or if you want a worksheet to help you evaluate every campaign you do, download this worksheet–and do the calculations.
  • Calculating the Lifetime Value and Profit of a Customer – If you’re not sure of how to calculate the lifetime value or profit from a customer, download this worksheet. Just fill in the numbers and follow the calculations and you’ll finally know the number–which should then influence what you’re willing to spend to acquire and keep your customers happy!
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