Fashion Tips to Wear Pearl Necklace for Beauty and Seduction

Wearing a classic white pearl necklace looks modern and fabulous, when paired with correct outfit and accessories. You can wear them daily as well as get a different attitude and look, simultaneously. It does not matter, if you are extra modern and classy pearls can be your best friend.

Fashion tips to wear pearl necklace for beauty and seduction

Be familiar with your pearls

Play with colors as hues including white, pink, lavender, gray, black and more. The other thing to be familiar with is how to choose matching pearls that compliments your hair, skin, and hair.

  • Classic White Akoya pearl single strand necklace compliments every type of clothing style and skin tones.
  • Pink pearl necklace highlights hair and skin tone of blonde women. It goes well, when worn on romantic occasion because the soft color accentuates her soft feminine side.
  • Lavender pearls add glamour to the outfits of women with dark hair and skin tones. When you define lavender pearl necklace then there are several adjectives associated with it like sophisticated, elegant, royal and more. Ensure that they don’t clash with clothes style and color.
  • Black pearl necklace looks exotic, sophisticated, and seductively elegant. Worn on black tie events and formal occasions to compliment your evening gown. A gorgeous contrast to light hair color and skin tone. Even ladies with dark hair and skin tone can add a pinch of mysterious appeal.

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Etiquettes of wearing pearl necklace

Day job

It needs formal attire like jackets, suits, trousers and shoes. Best option is white pearl single strand with short length to complement dress with crew neckline or slim fit jacket or a buttoned shirt.

A bold lady can choose South Sea or lavender pearl strand but ensure that it does not make your attire look busy. Never wear two pearl jewelry together even with casual office attire. I fit is an opera pearl length then knot it or overlap.

Casual days

For daily life activities, you can wear two strands of pearls. They work with anything that is not high end elegant or formal.

High end events

Wear multi strand or multicolored pearls with a brooch or massive pearl choker. The gowns need to be understated but in solid colors and precious fabrics, so as to accentuate the pearl choker with diamonds. You can wear pearl set but no other jewelry.

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