Do You Like Having to Call Back?

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On Monday, December 17th I went to open my QuickBooks for Mac 2006 edition. A window popped up saying something to the effect, "Can’t download updates, insufficient memory." The screen disappeared and then, right before my eyes, QuickBooks started erasing all of the files on my desktop (a total of six gigabytes of data). Gone! As a Mac guy, I’m not used to this!

Fortunately I do back up and it didn’t affect my whole hard drive, but still six gigs is still six gigs and restoring files takes a fair amount of time. I immediately contacted QuickBooks by email to let them know what happened (it turned out to be a problem on their servers). On Wed. December 19th, one of their reps called me. She got information from me about what happened and how–and then offered to send QuickBooks for Mac 2007 when I asked her how they were compensating us for the inconvenience (clearly none of us were using our QuickBooks programs until we were assured the bug was fixed). She assured me that she would send the new program out immediately and that their fix should be in place shortly.

Quickbooks_for_mac_imageAt that point I was happy and figured, it’s almost Christmas. I’ll get this in two days and then be on vacation. Wait. Wait. Wait. Still no Quickbooks. So on Thursday, December 27th, I called again to check on the status of my order. This time the lady who answered said, "I’m sorry, but your order didn’t get processed for some reason. I’ll take care of it for you." "Promise?" "Yes sir, I’ll get this out immediately to you."

Okay, I hate calling back, but sometimes mistakes happen. Well, today is January 9th (almost two weeks later) and still no QuickBooks. So I once again had to call back and go through the whole ordeal again in order to make sure they sent out the new version of QuickBooks to me–which I finally think the guy I talked with today made happen since I just received an email confirmation that the order has been processed.

However, I’m still a little concerned about this since the order form says that the shipping method is, "UPS Next Day Air" with an expected delivery date of 1/11 – 1/16. You can’t make this stuff up!

So as you look at your business, in which area or department do your customers have to regularly call back? Who isn’t diligent on returning phone calls or following through on promises?  Where are your delivery systems breaking down? While this is terrible in a big company, in a small one, it can be devastating. So how can you assure that your customers won’t have to call back two or more times to get what your business promised them in the first place?

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