Creating a Remarkable Physical

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Yesterday I was thumbing through Inc. magazine when I came across an ad from the Virginia Hospital Center for the "time-deprived" executive—the Executive Health Physical. In essence, they found a number of problems with a common activity, the physical—which for most people takes too much time and involves too many specialists in too many different places with too many different technologies to keep track of.

So here’s their pitch.  You go for one day.  You’re assigned a team.  They do all the tests in one place (including CT scans, coronary artery calcium scans, stress tests, etc.) and you’re given the option of adding a colonoscopy if needed. Every test is scheduled in sequence so that you’re not wasting time.  You’re assigned a personal escort who walks you through the process. You’re guaranteed confidentiality. You’re assigned a private room with broadband internet, a flat screen TV and individually prepared meals. You get a thorough debriefing at the end.  And if you want, they can arrange a private towncar to pick you up and return you at the end of the day—all for $3300. Not bad.

My hats off to the people at Virginia Hospital Center. They took something ordinary and made it remarkable. Now, if they can make a physical remarkable, don’t you think you can take anything you’re doing and make it remarkable? Absolutely!

P.S.  And don’t forget, when something is remarkable, you get to charge more for it because the perception of value increases!

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