As the CEO or owner of a small or medium sized business, you probably want to achieve a number of different goals and objectives. For example, you may want to

•    Increase your profits
•    Ratchet up revenue, while improving your cash flow
•    Recruit better talent
•    Make better strategic moves
•    Increase your market share or awareness
•    Add new products and/or services to your product mix
•    Expand into new markets
•    Develop more compelling competitive advantages
•    Raise your own leadership and managerial abilities to a new level, etc.

However, trying to accomplish these all on your own is difficult. As you’ve undoubtedly realized, you need someone outside of your business to help you get there.

Furthermore, many of the issues and problems that you’ll face over the next twelve months aren’t on your radar screen at this moment—which leads to one of the more common frustrations that small and medium-sized business CEOs encounter. That is, throughout the course of the year they often need someone outside of their business to help them (for a variety of reasons), but finding that someone, interviewing them, deciding on them, negotiating a contract with them, and then getting them up to speed is such a pain, that they just avoid it or do it themselves or hire a hodge podge of different consultants who don’t know them and their team—which usually leads to a whole new set of problems.

To solve this problem, I created the Accelerated Growth Advisor program. When you take advantage of this offer, what you get is an on-call advisor (depending on schedule availability) in exchange for a monthly retainer based on a twelve-month cycle. Included in this twelve-month advisory program are the following.

1.   Annual Strategic Planning Process – As your advisor, I’ll work with you and your top team to create your annual plan, all the way from initial interviews through to the creation of the actual plan with set accountabilities (this includes several off-site days). Depending on when in the year you start, this could be in the middle or at the end of your twelve-month cycle.

2.    Quarterly Strategic Update Days – As every general knows, “No plan survives first contact with the enemy.” So once a quarter, I’ll meet with you and your top team to evaluate the past quarter and then make adjustments for the coming quarter in order to ensure that your plan is executed to the highest degree possible.

3.    Monthly Coaching Meetings/Calls – In addition, each month, you and I will have at least two one-hour scheduled coaching meetings or calls (depending on your location) to deal with issues in real time and to ensure your objectives are being met. This is a great opportunity to work through additional issues and brainstorm solutions to issues as they arise throughout the course of the year.

4.    Virtually Unlimited Access to Me – If something comes up and you need to process an issue with someone or ask for advice from someone outside your organization in-between our scheduled calls/meetings, all you need to do is call or email me and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible. This is like having your own “consigliore.” :-)

5.    Board or Staff Meeting Help – As your advisor, if you need me to attend a board or staff meeting (and it fits on my schedule), I’ll be there.

6.    Top Team Training Sessions – If an issue comes up and you need someone to do a training session on it (let’s say, “Myers-Briggs” or “Execution” or “Leadership,” or “Customer Service”), and it fits in my wheelhouse, I’ll do it for you as part of this package (with some limitations).

If this sounds intriguing to you, send me an email at We’ll schedule a phone conversation and see if this might be a fit for both of us.

Note: The Accelerated Growth Advisor Program is ONLY available in  Montgomery County MD and nearby Maryland counties.

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