Are You Sizzling Hot?

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When your prospects and customers think about you, do they think, “I have to have that!” Or, “I need to go there!” Or “I need to use them!” Or is it more of a more of a, “Let me think about it.” Or a “I’ll get back to you.” Or, “I’m doing my due diligence,” kind of thing?“

It’s an important question if you want to grow an accelerated growth company.

If you’re not sure, then just think back over the past few years. Apple-iphoneThink Twitter. Facebook. Myspace. Apple.  Starbucks. Google. Netflix. And Dancing with the Stars (Note: I don’t watch :-), however it is consistently in the top ten shows, according to Nielson–though I’m much more of a 24 kind of guy).

Each of those companies (and shows) has grown significantly because they were sizzling hot and word of mouth took off.

So when was the last time you (and your team) asked, “Is what we’re doing sizzling hot?

Or similar questions like, “Are we addressing a big pain or problem that needs to be solved?” “Are our customers raving about us?” “Are the media and our target market beating down our doors to get to us?”

If not, then maybe those are the kinds of questions you need to ask—and then answer. I’ve found very few businesses that ask (and answer) those kinds of questions, even though they’re vital to a company’s success.

Seth goldmanAnd don’t think your business is different. A few week’s ago I met Seth Goldman,  the CEO of Honest Tea (which is President Obama’s favorite drink). If Seth and his team can make colored water sizzling hot, you can make what you do, sizzling hot as well. Your category and niche are irrelevant.

So, how can you make what you do sizzling hot over the next three months?

To your accelerated success!

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