Apple Does it Again!

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My daughter says I should become an Apple evangelist! But who wouldn’t want to be when you have a company that is as remarkable as Apple!  Who else would take their coolest and hottest product, the iPod mini and kill it.  Only to introduce the even cooler, iPod Nano? Galleryimage011

Or who else could take the iPod 20 Gig and make it 31% smaller while increasing the hard drive by 50% to 30 Gigs, plus add a color screen and video—for the same price?Ipodgallerywhiteset20051011

Or who else could take the iMac (3rd generation) and make it thinner—while adding a built in Super drive, an airport extreme card, a built in iSight camera, a larger hard drive, a faster processor, etc.—all for the same price?

And if that wasn’t enough, they even added some very cool apps as well.  Like the Photo booth which turns your computer into "one of those photo booths at the mall" with all kinds of very cool options like the Andy Warhol effect or the face in a concave mirror look.

Or my favorite new app, the Front Row, which turns your computer into a multimedia powerhouse for you to watch from your couch (with its own very cool remote)! In fact, you just need to watch it in action [link].

And if you haven’t ever watched Steve Jobs introduce new products, then you need to watch the QuickTime version of his presentation. Note: If my memory serves me correct, the photo booth demonstration is about six to seven minutes into the presentation. Steve is simply remarkable. And I haven’t even mentioned everything that was introduced yesterday, like downloadable videos of certain shows . . . the day after they’re on TV, so you can watch them on your new video equipped iPod. Oh, and how about this one?  Just five weeks ago, Apple introduced iTunes version 5.  Yesterday, they introduced version 6 (in just five weeks!). 

Is it any wonder that Apple has over a 75% share of the market in this area?  Remarkable rules!

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  1. Terry Storch 14 October 2005 at 4:08 pm #

    Apple rules in so many ways. I love my iPod, my iMac G5, my Powerbook and my Nano! They all rock.

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