Malcolm Gladwell and Your Chance of Success

Posted on 27. Apr, 2009 by in Books, Business, Leadership, Learning, Strategy

If you haven’t read Malcolm Gladwell’s latest book on Outliers, you may want to soon. While I don’t agree with all his conclusions (the difficult part of using case studies and statistics is that conclusions are subjective), I do think his commentary is fascinating and worth reading. One of the dominant themes is that what […]

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Ready for Accelerated Growth Driver #1?

Posted on 22. Apr, 2009 by in Business, Creativity/Innovation, Entreprenuership, Growth, Leadership, Operations, Planning, Small Business, Strategy, Time Management

If you could pick one idea or concept that drives accelerated growth companies more than any other, what would you pick? Would you pick, “Great leadership?” Or, “A new or better technology?” Maybe, “Massive cash flow?” Or, “Viral marketing?” Or would you pick, “Great systems?” Or maybe even, “Great people?” Well, while all of those […]

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Are You Sizzling Hot?

Posted on 20. Apr, 2009 by in Branding/Differentiation, Business, Creativity/Innovation, Design, Entreprenuership, Growth, Marketing, Planning, Remarkability, Strategy

When your prospects and customers think about you, do they think, “I have to have that!” Or, “I need to go there!” Or “I need to use them!” Or is it more of a more of a, “Let me think about it.” Or a “I’ll get back to you.” Or, “I’m doing my due diligence,” […]

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Don’t Make an Omni Mistake!

Posted on 14. Apr, 2009 by in Branding/Differentiation, Business, Customer Service, Leadership, Marketing, Operations, Remarkability

Have you ever set out to create a system in your business that deliberately irritated or disappointed your customers? Probably not. But if I asked, “Have you ever done so?” The answer would probably be, “Yes!” I had one of those experiences the other week. I was speaking at a convention in Orlando that was […]

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