A Great Business Leader’s Book List

Posted on 30. Mar, 2009 by in Books, Business, Entreprenuership, Growth, Learning, Personal Development, Small Business, Strategy

If you’re an entrepreneur or senior executive of a small or medium-sized business, hopefully you’re regularly reading Inc. Magazine. If not, you should be. I rarely find an issue where I’m not tearing out a few articles to file. And that holds true for this month’s edition, which marks their 30th anniversary. However, my favorite […]

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One Word That Can Change Everything

Posted on 23. Mar, 2009 by in Attitude, Business, Change, Communication, Leadership, Managing Talent, Relationships

What if there was one word that could change everything for your business or organization? One word that could rally your team together  and inspire them? One word that could unleash their full potential? One word that could take your business (or organization) from the “also rans” to the winners circle? If there was such […]

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What are Your Needle Movers?

Posted on 20. Mar, 2009 by in Business, Entreprenuership, Goals, Growth, Leadership, Managing Talent, Marketing, Operations, Personal Development, Planning, Strategy, Time Management

Ever wonder what you ought to focus your time and attention on? With so many things on your plate, don’t you often wonder, “Where should I start?” But more importantly, as the point person for your company, it’s even more critical that you focus your attention on those activities that have the highest probability of […]

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Want to Increase Your Productivity?

Posted on 14. Mar, 2009 by in Business, Goals, Personal Development, Planning, Time Management

Do you often feel frustrated at the end of the day–like you’ve worked hard, long and fast–and yet it still doesn’t feel like you’ve done enough? Believe it or not, one of the main culprits of that feeling is probably your ability to multi-task! In other words, one of the skills that you acquired as […]

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How Often Do You Communicate Your Marketing Messages?

Posted on 08. Mar, 2009 by in Branding/Differentiation, Communication, Marketing, Small Business, Writing

I was working out at the gym this afternoon, watching “Pirates of the Caribbean,” on USA (yes, it is difficult to workout on the elliptical these days :-) when I noticed, down at the bottom left hand corner of the screen, the following words, In Plain Sight  All New Season Sunday, April 19th 10/9C As […]

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Three Questions to Ask Your Employees Regularly

Posted on 06. Mar, 2009 by in Change, Communication, Leadership, Managing Talent, Time Management

Most of us entrepreneurial leaders find the whole issue of managing employees to be an Achilles heel. It’s just not part of our wiring because we’re usually self-motivated and driven people and, more to the point, most of us have always been our own bosses. However, whether or not something is natural to us or […]

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Jack Welch on Flip-Flopping

Posted on 01. Mar, 2009 by in Business, Change, Character, Entreprenuership, Leadership, Learning, Planning, Strategy

When did “flip-flopping” become a sign of weakness? If you don’t regularly read Business Week, you ought to at least peruse the back page when you’re near a copy–if for no other reason than to read what Jack Welch has to say. This week’s edition (3/9/09) was one of those weeks that every leader should […]

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