Leadership Lessons from Mickey Drexler (CEO of J. Crew)

Posted on 26. Aug, 2008 by in Leadership

Fortune just ran (9/1/08) a great story on Drexler entitled, “The King of Cool.” For 19 years, Drexler was the CEO of The Gap before being fired in 2002. Six months later he was hired to take over J. Crew. For as James Coulter, who recruited Drexler said, “I believe that temporary career setbacks can […]

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Not Your Father’s Arby’s

Posted on 12. Aug, 2008 by in Remarkability

Reinvention is at the heart of all great businesses–and one of the keys to becoming more remarkable. For those of us who do strategy work, it’s at the very heart and core of what we do. In other words, what a company has been in the past does not have to equate to what it […]

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