How David Cook from American Idol Can Help Your Business

Posted on 29. Mar, 2008 by in Branding/Differentiation, Business, Creativity/Innovation, Marketing, Remarkability, Strategy

Whether you like watching American Idol or not, this season’s favorite to win, David Cook, has demonstrated a number of important principles that can help any small business win in the marketplace. 1. It’s Okay Not to Be First Out of the Blocks. Every year I skip the auditions (obviously, since I run a company […]

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Marketing Sin Number One

Posted on 27. Mar, 2008 by in Branding/Differentiation, Business, Communication, Marketing, Remarkability, Strategy

It doesn’t matter whether a company is large or small, profit or non-profit, retail or  manufacturing, services or product-driven, the number one marketing sin is still the same–being ordinary (or boring). In fact, virtually every market in every category is awash in a sea of sameness. We see the same products and services marketed in […]

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Is Your Customer Loyalty Program Really Part of Your Strategy (Or Just an Add On)?

Posted on 25. Mar, 2008 by in Branding/Differentiation, Business, Customer Service, Marketing, Remarkability, Small Business, Strategy

How many times have you been in a retail location that had a “customer loyalty” program that didn’t really work? Not that the cashier didn’t know how to punch the card, but that the store really didn’t stand behind the offer? Or to put it another way, where you felt like the management had a […]

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Your Staff Conflict Probably Isn’t Over What Everyone Thinks It Is!

Posted on 19. Mar, 2008 by in Attitude, Communication, Leadership, Managing Talent, Relationships

Over the past month, I’ve talked with several clients about a common problem, staff conflicts. And in each case, the primary cause of the conflicts has been the same (even though the businesses are all in radically different fields) And even though the issues in each of these businesses have been completely different, I still […]

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Are You Blowing Your Marketing Dollars on Bad Lists?

Posted on 17. Mar, 2008 by in Business, Marketing, Small Business

This past week I received two pieces of mail on the same day from two different companies wishing me a happy birthday (Note: I turn 47 on March 29th). Though the gesture was nice, both wasted their marketing dollars on me because they both got the year wrong. The first was from the infamous AARP […]

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If You Want Your Marketing to Succeed, You Need to Master the Six M’s

Posted on 12. Mar, 2008 by in Business, Marketing, Planning, Strategy

The other morning I was talking with a client about an upcoming marketing piece they were putting together when it became clear that they were missing a few pieces of the puzzle. However, I don’t want to be hard on them because their ideas about marketing weren’t that unusual. The reality is that most of […]

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