It’s All in Your Head

Posted on 28. Sep, 2007 by in Attitude, Business, Creativity/Innovation, Personal Development, Planning, Remarkability, Time Management

I was meeting with a client this week when a typical problem arose, "How can we do all this, when we’re already overloaded?" Sound familiar? Well, the answer is, "You can’t . . . if you keep operating the way you are." In other words, nothing changes unless something changes. Or to put it another […]

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Remarkability Begins in Secret

Posted on 12. Sep, 2007 by in Attitude, Business, Character, Goals, Personal Development, Remarkability

I don’t know if you’re a tennis fan, but this past Sunday’s achievement by Roger Federer at the US Open ought to WOW you. It was his tenth STRAIGHT grand slam final (no one else has even come close to that). It was his 12th grand slam title in total (putting him at number two […]

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